Monday, October 4, 2010

Chop Suey/ "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles"/

Definition of chop suey :

"Thought to date back at least to the mid-19th century, this Chinese-American dish includes small pieces of meat (usually chicken) or shrimp, mushrooms, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and onions. These ingredients are cooked together and served over rice. Chop suey doesn't exist as a dish in China "

The Chinese American experience is something uniquely different from both the American experience and the Chinese experience in China , it is a strange amalgam of things Chinese and things American . There are creative new voices exploring this experience . Think of this blog as my personal menu of some of the unique offerings you can take home to sample !

Jennifer Lee is a Chinese American writer who has written a fabulous new book about Chinese American Food called the :"Fortune Cookie Chronicles"

Here is a link to her blog and her book .

Here is Jennifer discussing Chinese American Food . Enjoy!

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