Monday, October 4, 2010

Shawna Yang Ryan -"Water Ghosts"

Locke is a tiny Chinese town that is close by to Sacramento and I visit often.
It seems lost in time , the buildings seem ready to fall down any time . It is so representative of all the small Chinatowns that were such a part of the story of the Chinese bachelor immigrant experience in the late 19th and early twentieth century. Recently I finished reading "Water Ghosts" a terrific atmospheric first novel by Shawna Yang Ryan.
"Born in Sacramento, California, the child of parents who met during the Vietnam War when her father was stationed in Taiwan, Shawna Yang Ryan graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and received an M.A. from the University of California, Davis. In 2002, she was a Fulbright scholar in Taiwan. Water Ghosts (originally published in 2007 as Locke 1928) was a finalist for the 2008 Northern California Book Award. She currently lives in Berkeley, California."

Speaking recently at the Chinese American Historical Society in San Francisco , Shawna discusses her book and it's relationship with Chinese American history.
You can preview the book and read some of it here on Google Books.

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