Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gabriel "Jack" Chin

Gabriel "Jack" Chin is the son of pioneering Chinese American author and playwright Frank Chin. Jack Chin is a Professor of Law and prominent legal scholar . He recently joined the faculty of the University of California , Davis School of Law , leaving the University of Arizona where he has taught for the last 8 years .

Here is is an excerpt from an article in today's Sacramento Bee.

"Gabriel "Jack" Chin – a national voice in the debate over undocumented immigrants – has been hired to teach criminal law, criminal procedure and immigration law at UC Davis School of Law.

Chin left the University of Arizona's James E. Rogers College of Law, where he vigorously challenged Arizona's Senate Bill 1070, considered the toughest immigration law in the country.

SB 1070 would make it illegal to be undocumented in Arizona and would require law enforcement to check the status of anyone suspected of being undocumented.

During his eight years in Arizona, "it seems there's been a steady flow of anti- immigrant sentiment that's inextricably tied to their race," said Chin, who said he has debated or discussed SB 1070 in public forums 70 times.

"The Arizona Legislature's passed laws that I see as harsh, cruel and inhumane, and it seems unlikely it's going to stop in the next decade," said Chin, adding that he and his wife didn't want to raise their two daughters – Becca, 10 and Sarah, 13 – in Arizona's current political climate."

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Professor Chin maintains a web site which has full text of many of his writings .

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