Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kip Fulbeck: Part Asian , 100% Hapa

"Hapa is a Hawaiian language term used to describe a person of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander racial or ethnic heritage"

Kip Fulbeck , a Hapa of 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 English/Irish descent , has put together a traveling exhibition of photos of Hapa people young and old and a wonderful book . He has done much to increase awareness of our growing mixed race society.
There are many Hapas in the Jue Family now and in many other Chinese American Immigrant families . Our president, Barack Obama, is ,of course , also of mixed race ancestry. In the future, perhaps, there will be less need to define our families in terms of our country or ethnic orgin . We will celebrate in our families the wonderful diversity of our roots. Our children and our children's children and the generations to come will understand that they are each special with roots from many different countries and cultures. That is very good.

Here are some pictures of Hapa from Kip Fulbeck's book .

Here is an interview of Kip

Kip's new book is "Mixed:Potraits of Multiracial Kids"

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